Back to work; did they lift the lockdown?

Back to work; did they lift the lockdown?

Back to work ? Yeah, but this doesn’t mean I leave my house everyday to go to work! I really miss the classroom, I miss the pupils, the noises of the kids in the class is all I just want to hear . Weird! I miss Ameerah who is ever ready to assist me with putting their assignments in their bags , I miss Oladapo who doesn’t like writing but knows how to disturb the class. I miss you kids.

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Am I grateful?

Hello Lovelies,

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. I don’t want you thinking I left without any notice , Life happens but I’m here now , glory be to God .

Oh So 2019 is drifting in few hours ! I’m one of people who really had the best days, Months of 2019. This year started rough though, I was worried about one thing or the other but ending the year with Joy and hoping for a greater 2020.

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Five things to do in the Month of December

Welcome to December where “Christmas” is the name we know it to be . December is one of my favorite Month of the year after my Birthday Month ( November) , December is the last Month of the year so let’s start listing out our goals for the new year.

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Pinterest

How to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the Social apps that I can’t get tired of . When I first started using Pinterest, all I usually do was to save any picture I stumbled on my phone gallery but would end up loosing them by the way . When my phone gallery becomes too full I delete all the pictures I saved from Pinterest even without using it for the purpose I downloaded it for .

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My New Wardrobe Addition (Waistcoat)


My new wardrobe addictionWaistcoat

Waistcoat never goes out of style. It appears to be one of the wardrobe staple that’s uncommon, if I ask how many of you own a waistcoat I know majority of you don’t . Waistcoat spices up any outfit paired with , if paired properly it makes a boring outfit attractive. I’m sharing a bit of style inspiration for my ladies that want to get the hang of rocking one.

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