Skirt :thrifted , Shirt : atmosphere ,shoes: thrifted ,Bag: thrifted

What makes a girl feel that adulthood life if not When she’s in her twenties! Twenty and something or rather twenty something is the real deal, if you are getting older get in the twenty and let this gang grow. Lol!

Just a few weeks ago, I was reminiscing on my life from the past years especially when I clocked twenty years. If anyone tells me that I would have become a full adult even thought i was just twenty years then. I used to think that real adult life starts when you are in your thirties upward. Life is not all about what you hear, responsibilities isn’t about age. At twenty something I already know what I want in my future husband, working fine , line with carer.

i’ve learned a lot through my twenties,but i’ve also learned to grow up on my own and save more because mainly everything i’ve owned and acquired have been with my own hard earned (if you have parents that buys you whatever you ask of them lucky you). Every phase and experience has something to offer,at the very best, you can learn from what you have done wrong.

Don’t be deceived, twenty something years isn’t a joke, that is when you decide most future plans.

what do you think and what are your experience being twenty and something or rather twenty years? talk to me !

Till my next post: Love



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