What’s fashion without a monochrome look?

None of my family nor close friends could understand why my dressing and longing to have a particular styles of clothes in my wardrobe. Many times have being teased for liking some kinds of outfit designs that ordinarily I wouldn’t. Since I started my fashion blog, I’ve subscribed for outfits that speaks “Blogger” lolzzz if there’s ever one.

It’s no news that monochrome outfits has a way of getting one noticed and attracts people to anyone wearing one. Monochrome was a debated look when it can to limelight , people wondered how they are supposed to wear same color of outfits instead of mixing them. Thankful to fashionistas! They have solved that equation.

I’ve been longing to style this button down vintage skirt I thrifted weeks back as you all know by now that I thrift most of my clothes unless stated otherwise. This mules was also thrifted and I’m so lucky that it’s a product of one of my favorite shoe brand ALDO !

I wore this outfit to church the other Sunday and the pictures were taken by my kid brother who has been my photographer since day one.

Christmas is around the corner , Green is one of the colors of Christmas, so if you doubting on what to wear and how to style it just opt for this color as it also speaks Christmas.

How are you spending your Christmas , traveling or around ? What do you think of this look?


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