How to become a morning person

Hello Lovelies! If you are new here welcome and if you have being a reader and I haven’t seen my “happy new year post” Can I wish you happy new year now! Ok Lovelies let’s face the subject of discussion for today.

I’m used to going to bed at my own time and waking up whenever I like, this happened all through my holidays precisely after school. I was later persuaded to get a job after home sitting for a year and I was almost looking like I swallowed a crocodile ( I became very chubby I meant) .i got a job with the help of my cousins and I immediately started working as I was so eager to have a taste of this new adventure. Barely two weeks at my job I felt like quitting because I couldn’t cope with all the resumption time and other rules of my job. I received quarry two times when I asked a fellow colleague what’s the penalty for this she told me “seems you don’t like your salary and this job” ! I went back to my table and gave this a deep thought. No body told me what to do the next week, I looked and the circumstances of things around me and told myself how much I needed to keep this job. Hence I adjusted to the new life.

Make a list of what you want to do the next morning: for someone like me who prepares breakfast before leaving for work, all I do is lay the things I need for the food , do a forehand preparation of the ingredients which will make the cooking more easier in the morning.

Sort Out the week outfit: if you don’t know this then you aren’t organized at all! Do you know that sorting and ironing your outfit for the week help make your week smooth and tidy? You don’t have to ransack the wardrobe looking for what to wear.

Set the alarm: if you are like me that have to use the alarm to remind me of the time so why not! Let the alarm speak please.

Go to bed early: I’m most guilty of this! I typed this post by 11 p.m. I have this habit of going late before when I thought it was it was the good style.

Early to bed early to rise! Don’t sleep late when you know you have to resume somewhere important early the next morning.


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