Life Lately *what I’ve been up to *ootd look

Hello Lovelies!

Happy new year and a new month. I feel so guilty for the unannounced break, I’m working towards putting things in place for both the blog and social media .

This year started so well for me I hope it’s the same with you. A lot has happened that I feel it’s just Gods plan and nothing more.

I finally find a way to balance working and my fashion blogging here which means I’ve balanced being consistent on the gram and putting up blog posts.

2018 was not so smooth in my blog journey that is why I made up my mind not to sleep on any opportunity in putting up content.

Have Being : Reading other blogs lately ! Inspirations comes from anywhere , sometimes reading blog posts give me a hint of what my next post should be especially the ones I that seems to talk about your idea.

Have Being : Wearing more dresses as usual. I sell thrift dresses , it won’t be nice not to dress by example.

Have Being : Drinking more water lately , I eat less but drink more water. I intend to look trimmed and want my beautiful clothes to still fit in.

Have Being : Saving ! Saving has helped my financial life a lot . I hope you do save.

What have you being up to lately, how’s the new year so far?

Outfit -Details

Dress: atmosphere

Holes: thrifted

Shoe: my solos


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