How to style peplum dress

Peplum comes from a Greek word “people”, meaning tunic or showl. Back then, women used a piece of fabric or a rope to clinch the waist of a tunic over a longer skirt .

At certain points during the 19th century the peplum appeared in the form of an overskirt , a shorter skirt worn over a longer skirt. Peplum came into the fashion scene and since till date, it shows no sign of leaving.

Peplum is usually attached to the waistline of a top , jacket , dress or skirt. Peplum has a way of giving you that sexy and classic look when styles with the appropriate pieces.

One of the many reasons why I love peplum dress is the trick it pulls in its styling! Styling a peplum dress makes me feel like I’m wearing a top piece when I’m just wearing a dress.

Having a peplum dress is a great investment because at any point in time you could pull off a blazer on to make it more fashionable ( I would show you this in my next post soon).

How to style

Not so hard! I styled the peplum dress with a matching sandal heel as a first time, a bag to go with the color . This peplum dress came in two colors I love! The upper is lemon and the lower color is white as you all know , while goes with anything so even if you pair this dress with any shoe or sandal it would still fit!

They say fired dresses brings out the beauty of the dress! When shopping for peplum dress, don’t buy ones that are over sized , make sure to buy one that totally fits you.

Outfit -Details

Dress: misguided

Shoes: thrifted

Bag: thrifted

What do you like about peplum dress, how else would you style yours? Talk to please.

Till my next post: 🌹🌹


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