Valentine on budget x what I wore

This is my first valentine shoot and post since I developed the passion for blogging and fashion. There is a common misconception that valentine is for lovers(people who are romantically involve) , we'd only be partial to think so! But let's get one this clear, valentine is for every human , we all deserve to [...]


How to style peplum dress

Peplum comes from a Greek word "people", meaning tunic or showl. Back then, women used a piece of fabric or a rope to clinch the waist of a tunic over a longer skirt . At certain points during the 19th century the peplum appeared in the form of an overskirt , a shorter skirt worn [...]


It's no surprise! I love dresses a lot, most of my clothes are dress which is the more reason my family call me teacher. I finally considered taking my thrift store serious and I've started posting on my Instagram page more frequently see Recent post:HOW TO STYLE MIDI LENGTH PANT IN HARMATTAN & SWEATER Dresses [...]