Life Lately *what I’ve been up to *ootd look

Hello Lovelies! Happy new year and a new month. I feel so guilty for the unannounced break, I'm working towards putting things in place for both the blog and social media . This year started so well for me I hope it's the same with you. A lot has happened that I feel it's just [...]


How to become a morning person

Hello Lovelies! If you are new here welcome and if you have being a reader and I haven't seen my "happy new year post" Can I wish you happy new year now! Ok Lovelies let's face the subject of discussion for today. I'm used to going to bed at my own time and waking up [...]


What makes a girl feel that adulthood life if not When she's in her twenties! Twenty and something or rather twenty something is the real deal, if you are getting older get in the twenty and let this gang grow. Lol! Just a few weeks ago, I was reminiscing on my life from the past [...]


Hello lovelies, okay! Everyone is in a Thanksgiving mood oh yeh I can see especially my white friends who takes Thanksgiving serious unlike we here in Nigeria that have to do our middle or every first Sunday of the month . I talked about starting 5 days gratitude post also known as Thanksgiving in my [...]