Fashion Dictionary: Empire Waist

Empire waist is a dress or clothing that it's body fitting ends below the bust and waistline is placed above the natural waist or after the bust. The skirt is usually long with a loose fit that skims the body and elongates the figure. Empire waist dresses are mostly everyone's favorite piece for formal and [...]


2018// It was a good walk

Hello Lovelies! Yesterday I was strolling through the neighborhood with my sister when suddenly I had flash back memories of how the previous years had been for me. The previous years was a good bad one for me, not only me but for my entire family. Everyone was always seeing the happy and talkative side [...]


  I never thought i would ever a sweater on a day that's usually hot! for someone from Nigeria, afternoon here is for the sun and wearing sweaters isn't a good outfit choice to anyone except this season we call Harmattan. So that's why i was happy to get my hands on this sweater from Mr.Price, its [...]

What’s fashion without a monochrome look?

None of my family nor close friends could understand why my dressing and longing to have a particular styles of clothes in my wardrobe. Many times have being teased for liking some kinds of outfit designs that ordinarily I wouldn't. Since I started my fashion blog, I've subscribed for outfits that speaks "Blogger" lolzzz if [...]


What makes a girl feel that adulthood life if not When she's in her twenties! Twenty and something or rather twenty something is the real deal, if you are getting older get in the twenty and let this gang grow. Lol! Just a few weeks ago, I was reminiscing on my life from the past [...]