Valentine on budget x what I wore

This is my first valentine shoot and post since I developed the passion for blogging and fashion. There is a common misconception that valentine is for lovers(people who are romantically involve) , we'd only be partial to think so! But let's get one this clear, valentine is for every human , we all deserve to [...]



  I never thought i would ever a sweater on a day that's usually hot! for someone from Nigeria, afternoon here is for the sun and wearing sweaters isn't a good outfit choice to anyone except this season we call Harmattan. So that's why i was happy to get my hands on this sweater from Mr.Price, its [...]

What’s fashion without a monochrome look?

None of my family nor close friends could understand why my dressing and longing to have a particular styles of clothes in my wardrobe. Many times have being teased for liking some kinds of outfit designs that ordinarily I wouldn't. Since I started my fashion blog, I've subscribed for outfits that speaks "Blogger" lolzzz if [...]